In 1991 I was moved to Stoneywood residential home. The staff supported me to learn new skills. They listened to me and what I wanted. I made a lot of friends in Stoneywood and they supported me to go out and about in the community.

When I was ready Stoneywood supported me to find a flat in the community so that I could have my own home. They helped me move into my flat and I was very happy. After a while I did become a bit lonely so Stoneywood supported me to move into a new flat with a friend. I lived with my friend for a long time – we had support from Stoneywood and managed to live independently in the community. Last year my friend moved into another home and I was asked if I would like someone else to stay with me but I wanted to stay on my own. Stoneywood supported me to do this and I have made a lovely house for myself.

I do my own shopping and have been on lots of outings and visited many places. Stoneywood have given me choices, which
I never had before. They have always listened to me.