It is our service belief that people with learning difficulties can be supported to live in a home of their own as long as they are adequately supported.

In June 1991 Stoneywood House Residential Unit opened and was home to 12 individuals for a long period of time. In 1993 the villa unit was opened to support individuals who wished to move on into their own tenancy to develop the necessary skills for them to achieve this.

In late 1999 an innovative plan for a project based in Denny began to be pursued from our values and vision, to develop opportunities for people with learning disabilities to move on in life and to have the choice to be supported to live in a home of their own.

In March 2001 two individuals from Stoneywood residential care were proactively supported with their choice, and were successfully supported to find and move into a home of their own.

In November 2001 a third individual was also successfully supported to move on from Stoneywood to live in a home of his own.

The project further developed when Care managers from North Lanarkshire seen and became interested in the success of our project and requested our support to help an individual who lived in the RSNH for many years to find a tenancy that he could be successfully supported in and to share. In March 2002 this was successfully achieved along with a client from Stoneywood.

Further to the success of this support North Lanarkshire also requested our support to help an individual to move on from a failed tenancy from Cumbernauld. In June 2002 this individual was supported to move into a new tenancy in Denny where support still continues to be successful

Support in this project has seen success and it is not just about giving people a few hours of support here and there just to ensure safety and security.

The support in this project for clients is objective from the onset. Background support is continuous from pre planning support for individuals moving to the project to ongoing support management to ensure the success for the individual.