I was introduced to Stoneywood via my social worker. I wanted a different type of support where I could learn to become more independent.

They enabled me to start making my own decisions and offered me choices which in turn increased my independence and my home living skills. I even gained the confidence to join clubs in and around the local area.

Life was going great, then tragedy struck when my wife was diagnosed with cancer. That was one of the times that I needed the staff at Stoneywood the most. When my wife finally lost her battle with cancer, I was completely lost. The Stoneywood staff supported me to make all the necessary arrangements, I always felt I had somebody by my side during that difficult time.

My life has moved on since then largely due to the support I received from the Stoneywood team. I am really glad I came to Stoneywood, I am more independent now, they don’t ignore me and they let me make my own decisions. I am happier now than
I have been in years and its all thanks to Stoneywood.